24x7 round the clock fully automated lab.Full test range available in heamatology, cytology, microbiology etc.....

Departments ...

The hospital has at present following specialty & super specialty departments :

1. Obstetrics& Gynecology Painless delivery, Lap Procedures, Infertility, All major gyne surgeries like(ceserian, hysterectomy, ovarian cystectomy etc.
2. Neo Natal& Pediatrics Neonatal Intensive care unitfully equipped with pediatric ventilator, pulse oxymeter, photo therapy unit etc.
3. General Medicine An advance centre for treatment of major disease like encephalitis, diabities, malaria, jaundice etc.
4. General & Laproscopic Surgery All major surgeries like perforation, obstruction, renal stone, gall bladder stone etc.Specialises in life saving surgeries for patients suffering from road traffic accidents, trauma, fire arm injuries.
5. E.N.T. All major surgeries like tympanoplasty, mastoidectomy etc.
6. Ophthalmology Fully automated department with operating microscope, phaeo unit A- Scan etc. Specialises in IOI with various procedures.
7. Orthopedics Specialises in total knee replacement, spinal surgeries, total hip replacement, deformity correction, trauma related surgeries.
8. Chest Offers the best in lung care under one roof at affordable cost to the public.
9. Psychiatric AThe department of psychiatry provides comprehensive psychiatry services to all age groups.A team of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers,occupational therapists and clinical nurse specialists offer a range of inpatient and outpatient services for children, adolescents, adults and the elderly.
10. Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery A specialised centre for burn injuries,reconstructive surgery, facial surgery, body reshaping etc.
11. Cardiology Provides a diagnostic and treatment service for patients referred with actual or suspected, heart disease. Intensive cardiac care unit fully equipped with Ventilators, Defebrilator, Cardiac monitors etc.
12. Neuro Surgery The department of neurosurgery specialises in all phases of neurological surgery for comprehensive management of brain,spinal cord and peripheral nerve diseases and disorders.
13. Neuro Surgery Facilitates treatment of any disease, deformity or malfunctions, by distinct therapeutic measures like exercises,heat etc.
14. Physiotherapy Provides management of surgical problems of kidneys, ureter, bladder, prostate, seminal vesicles and other genital organs like the testicles and penis in the males. In the females, besides dealing with management of surgical problems of kidneys, ureter bladder, it deals with surgical problems of urinary incontinence. The urinary fistula like the ureterovaginal and vesicovaginal communications.
15. Urology The twenty four hout dialysis treatment program provides renal treatment therapy for all of those who suffer from renal failure.
16. Dialysis 24x7 round the clock fully automated lab. Full test range available in heamatology, cytology, microbiology etc.
17. Pathology Boyles, C-Arm, Laproscope, Monitor etc
18. Emergency & trauma centre 24x7 trauma centre successfully managing RTA & trauma cases through its trained medical & paramedical staff & advance medical equipments,life saving drugs.
19. Intensive Care Unit Highly Specialised 11 bedded intensive care unit fully equipped with ventilators, defebrilators, multi para monitor etc.